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  • About the Trainer
  • Business Etiquette & Company Values
  • Our Target Group
  • The Diamond within You
  • Business Etiquette
  • Cross-Cultural Management & Etiquette
  • Social Etiquette
  • Dress Code & Accessories
  • Soft Skills & Etiquette Rules
  • Table Manners
  • Wedding Etiquette
  • Etiquette, the Magic of Attraction
  • Business Etiquette for Petroleum Engineers

About the Trainer


Arman Valian is a trainer & lecturer in business etiquette and cross-cultural training who holds seminars and lectures in German, English and Persian at Austrian as well as Iranian universities, for industry managers as well as consultants and business people

  • Tel : +43 (0) 664 9914 3310
  • Mobile : +98 (0) 912 025 48 20
  • Website: www.armanvalian.com
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Instagram: arman_valian
  • Linkedin: armanvalian

Business Etiquette
Company Values&

Respect and discipline, the two keywords which ofen come in the world class company core values, are the guidelines of our workshops

  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Excellence
  • Pride
  • Passion
  • Respect

Hospitality & Leisure industry

Tourism industry

Aviaton industry (flight crew)

Automobile industry

Medical & Pharmaceutcal industry

Food industry

Bank & Insurance industry

Oil & Gas industry

Consultng industry

Sales and Marketng

Private Business Secton

Business Schools (MBA, DBA)

Our Target

If you are in one of the following business sectons and you want to get more familiar with internatonal business etquete rules which are valid from Hong Kong to New York,you have the right educatonal catalogue in your hand.It will be a great honor to have you and your staff in my training courses
Best regards,Arman Valian (Dipl.-Ing.)

The Diamond
within You


is your appearance


is your knowledge and experience


is the knowledge you gain in your Business Etiquette course


is the set of your behavior codes

Be Professional

Your employees will not only learn about office etquete, they will also learn Dos and Don’ts of negotatons, in meetngs, on business trips, in telephone calls and emails, changing business cards, etc

Management & Etiquette

Each naton has its own unique customs

Mutual acceptng and respectng of cultures
Getng prepared for internatonal meetngs

Startng a new life in a new culture

For a beter integraton in a new society

as a student or an immigrant

Social Etiquette

It provides personal security and self-confidence

It protects the feelings of others

It makes communicaton clearer

It will enhance your status at work

It is a characteristc for charming managers

Management & Etiquette

Soft Skills &
Etiquette Rules

Mastering the art of small talk and the etiquete rules around it The power of your eye contact The magic of your smile
The impression of your voice
The effect of active listening
It is all about how you sound

Table Manners

Table Manners

Business Dinner

This part will be demonstrated while serving a delicious meal in one of our hotel partners or in your favorite restaurant, private or in groups


We take care of

Dos & don’ts around your wedding party
Your wedding dance
Your appearance
Your table manners
and much more

Etquete, the Magic of Atracton

101 points about etquete that we may not know

Business Etiquette
for Petroleum

in this training program I try to share my experience on conducting high-level business meetings and insight on how to work with professionals from all over the world with the PE students at the department of petroleum engineering at the Montanuniversität . Since the Oil & Gas Community is international, it is necessary for the students to be prepared for when they do business with people from countries with different customs and traditions