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Respect and discipline, the two keywords which often come in the world class company core values, are the guidelines of our workshops.







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If you are in one of the following business sections and you want to get more familiar with international business etiquette rules which are valid from Hong Kong to New York, you have the right educational catalogue in your hand. It will be a great honor to have you and your staff in my training courses Best regards , Arman Valian (Dipl.-Ing)

(Aviation industry (flight crew

Automobile industry

Medical & Pharmaceutical industry

Food industry


Private Business Section

(Business Schools (MBA, DBA

Hospitality & Leisure industry

Tourism industry


Bank & Insurance industry

Oil & Gas industry

Consulting industry

Sales and Marketing

Be Professional

Your employees will not only learn about office etiquette, they will also learn Dos and Don’ts of negotiations, in meetings, on business trips, in telephone calls and emails, changing business cards, etc.

Each nation has its own unique customs

Mutual accepting and respecting of cultures
Getting prepared for international meetings

Starting a new life in a new culture

For a better integration in a new society as a student or an immigrant

Table Manners

Business Dinner

This part will be demonstrated while serving a delicious meal in one of our hotel partners or in your favorite restaurant, private or in groups.

Table Manners for Kids

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. (Coco Chanel)

We take care of

Dos & don’ts around your wedding party

Your wedding dance

Your appearance

Your table manners and much more...

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